Chocolate Party at the “Confiserie zum süßen Eck”

26 Sep

Today I was at a chocolate party organised by a nice little chocolate and sweets shop at the Währinger Straße. It started at 11 a.m., and when I arrived there were already quite some people tasting themselves through a wide range of different sweets (admission fee: 3 Euros).

You could try the latest creations from Zotter (Götterspeise/ambrosia -> chocolate with a blueberry canache and pineapple marshmellow cream for a filling, Maroni/chestnut, Rosa Kokos mit Fischgummi –> chocolate with coconut and fish gummi) and six different kinds of Zotter’s Balleros (fruits/nuts covered in chocolate and fruit powder) and the Labooko chocolates (thin chocolate bars with 70 %, 80 % and 100 % chocolate). I love the Götterspeise (which I already tasted at Zotter’s chocolate factory before) because of its fruity fluffy taste. The fishgummi chocolate didn’t taste as much of fish as you might think so it’s worth a try.

Besides the Zotter stall (which was best-attended) you could try

  • pastilles from Leone (I liked the coffee and raspberry taste),
  • nougat chocolates from Camille Bloch (I’m really not so into nougat but I liked the dark Ragusa chocolate bar – which means it has to be good indeed),
  • fruits covered in dark chocolate from Chocolate Garden (the gooseberries were definitely my fav ones –>,
  • gingerbread from Mariazell bei Lebzelterei Kerner (very tasty!),
  • fruit creams from Lanwehr called Crevisio (check it out yourself: –> so delicious, I could have bathed myself in the strawberry cream!),
  • Gianduiotti and Mandorlotti from Caffarel (nougats – if you like nougat you definitely will like them!),
  • handmade truffles from Wrann/Jindrak (I really liked the one with the raspberry filling),
  • light and creamy chocolate eclairs from the bakery Ritz (which is in fact the only self traditional producing bakery in Vienna for 150 years now –> check it out: – available only in German) and
  • a wonderful chocolate Kaiserschmarrn (for those who don’t know this it’s kind of sugared pancake with raisins – and in this special version with chocolate pieces) from the Cafe Restaurant Weimar.

All in all, it was a lovely idea to be able to taste all the different kinds of chocolate and sweets. So you could decide after a careful degustation which sorts to buy afterwards in the shop which made in a win-win situation for all participants.

If the “Confiserie zum Süßen Eck” holds such a chocolate party next year I’ll definitely be there again. 🙂
(And of course any time before when I’d like to get some special kinds of chocolate… ;-))

A few information:

address: Währinger Straße 65, 1090 Wien
opening hours: Tue – Sat 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.; Mon, Sun and holidays 2 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


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