Degustation at the Chocolate Lovers Club

07 Oct

This time, the wonderful chocolate store “Xocolat” in connection with its CLC (Chocolate Lovers Club) hosted the first chocolate degustation of this autumn. The topic was dedicated to fair, organic chocolate and was called “products with values” (Ware mit Werten).

Entrance to Xocolat shop Looking through the shop window A small part of the Xocolat sortiment


Nearly 35 chocolate lovers found their way to the Palais Ferstl to taste different varieties of chocolate brands. Six brands were presented, and before getting the degustation bites, we got a very interesting introduction into each single brand and the way it contributes to sustainable, organic and fair projects by for example protecting the rainforest, applying rigorous ecological standards etc.

The brands we tasted were the following:

  • Original Beans: Esmeraldas Milk 42%, Beni Wild Harvest 60% and Cru Virunga 70%
    The cocoa intent of the first one was not too high but like both others it didn’t taste too sweet. All of them melted nicely on the tongue. The one with 70% cocoa was indeed very intense.
  • Rio Napo: pure 40%, with cocoa nibs 40% and with coffee nibs 73%
    The first Rio Napo tasted very much of caramel while the third one with the coffee nibs was a little spicy because of its pepper note. The combination between a high cocoa content and coffee nibs is very nice!
  • Bonnat: Porcelana 75% and Cacao real del Xoconuzco 75%
    Both had a cocoa content above 70% and melted wonderfully although the first one was a little bit spicy on the tongue. The second one was just perfect and is actually produced from the cocoa variety that was the first ever cocoa bean cultivated by people.
  • CioMod: puro latte 50%, puro agrumi 50% and puro vaniglia 50%
    Though the cocoa content was only 50 % the chocolate didn’t taste too sweet, and all three varieties smelled really great and were very crispy because of the sugar crystals. It’s got a very unusual taste which results from creating the chocolate with centuries-old methods. It’s really worth a try!
  • Willie’s: Indonesia 69%, Peruvian 70% and Madagascan 71%
    Especially the first variety was very creamy but like the third one rather sweet considering the cocoa content of around 70%.
  • Zotter: Ein Waldstück 40%
    Zotter’s chocolate is famous for its wonderful melting. This one also tasted very intensively of milk and was kind of tingly-fruity. And with each bar sold one rainforest tree is being planted at a project in Laos (“Xe Pian”).

    For me, the Bonnat Cacao real del Xoconuzco 75% was the winner of this degustation and I couldn’t resist and bought a bar of it (though the price indeed reflected its value :-). And a short side note: Try CioMod – it’s so different to anything else that you should have at least tried this one.

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