To sum it up…

  • Distance hiked: approx. 170 km
  • Difference of altitude hiked: approx. 10.000m (for each up and down)
  • Time in motion: approx. 50 hours
  • Total time: 62 hours

So, you see due to the weather we didn’t spend much time for breaks during our daily hikes which really was a pity. But you usually don’t make hours of comfortable breaks while surrounded by dense fog and drizzling rain or while a thunderstorm rages somewhere above your head.

The nature on the Nockberge Trail (especially our variation of it) was amazing, the smell even more. Speik and Swiss pines everywhere, the funny whistling of the marmots, the pretty and chilled cattle all along the way… and when we didn’t have any fog: the view! The oh so awesome view! We had at least 1/3 of fog on our hike and the rest wasn’t full sunshine either but the surrounding so compensated for all the weather deficits.

You should try some hiking days in the Nockberge – they are worthwile every drop of rain and patch of fog only with their sheer beauty of mostly untouched nature!

And now for a little visualisation: Here is our trail in 3 graphics (it didn’t fit in one 😀 )!

Day 10: Back to Austria, Kranjska Gora – Faak/See

So, now we were in Kranjska Gora. How to come back to Austria? Public transport would be possible but not very easy because there’s no train to Villach. A taxi would cost around 50 Euro, not too expensive but then again we could invest those Euros in food. 😜 And our CO2 footprint wouldn’t be so nice after all. So, the only logical solution: let’s just hike back the way we came from!

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Day 9: AAT Reloaded, Stage 22 –> Baumgartner Höhe – Kranjska Gora

Today we would be hiking another stage of the AAT, from Baumgartner Höhe to Kranjska Gora. Meaning we would be hiking along the Austrian-Slovenian border, via some mountain passes and summits without any serviced huts on the way. It’s also the most difficult stage of the AAT with an approx. duration of 8 hours… So, let’s have some fun! 😎

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Day 7: Erlacher Haus – Radenthein

Today was our last day in the Nockberge (Nocky Mountains 😅). I’m so gonna miss the solitude, the wonderful vegetation and the amazing mountain air up here. Going back down into the valley will be rather a shock, and just by thinking of having to go back to Vienna by the end of this week I could gag… 🙊

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Day 2: Neue Bonner Hütte – Innerkrems

When we woke at 6.15 a.m. it was very foggy outside. We slept very well and though there were quite some people staying in the hut for the night it was utterly quiet. Well, except for the constant peeping of the low battery of the smoke detector every 30 minutes… 😂

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